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Doors are another crucial component to your home not only for security, but temperature control, privacy, and aesthetics as well. 

Rock Solid Construction of the Carolinas LLC specializes in exterior, interior, patio, and storm doors to get your home looking its best. Our crews will make sure you are familiar with the door and its functions before they leave your home. 

Start to Finish Service for Your Door Installation

We will measure your existing door and make sure that your new unit will fit your opening (plumb, square, and level). We inspect your new door for defects and ensure that the style, color and size match what you are wanting. We will remove your interior trim and exterior trim and remove your existing door unit (jambs, threshold, and operating door slab). We then install a sill pan, your new unit, shim the opening and insulate with OSI low expansion foam. The unit will be installed plumb, square, and level, and then we install new interior trim and seal the interior and exterior with caulking. All accessories that are needed are then installed including kick plates, doorbells, and peep holes.

Why You Should Invest in New Doors

Overall, doors contribute to the overall comfort, security, and functionality of your living space while also playing a significant role in overall design and value of your property. You can install steel or fiberglass entry doors with any variety of glass packages and any number of sidelights or transom windows above. Choosing the right doors and who installs them is essential for a safe and comfortable home environment, Rock Solid has installed them all and we are very familiar.

To learn more about the variety of doors we are able to install, contact Rock Solid Construction of the Carolinas LLC at 704-368-0290 today.